Holy Cannoli!

Apologies for the cheesy title of this post. Which brings me to cheese. Ricotta cheese, perhaps the greatest cheese this world has ever seen, and an integral ingredient to this delicious cannoli pie. I got this great recipe from the Seaside Baker’s blog, and another admirer of her hybrid Italian pie dessert, how sweet it is does a great job of breakin’ down the bakin’.

Pie is the greatest desert. Its simplicity and variations just beat out its lame brownie or cake counterparts. The sheer GENIUS of combining cannoli and pie blows my mind. For extra blessings, I prayed the rosary with Mother Angelica on EWTN while making it so I think I shall name this the Holy Cannoli Pie. It has all the goodness of a cannoli but with a thinner, more delicate crust and no butter or oil for less post-pie guilt. I usually reserve baking for other people, since I think the definition of sadness in the dictionary is “eating your own confections alone by the light of your refrigerator” but I broke with tradition here. I mean, someone has to taste test it first, right? I hope Father Leo would approve. Happy baking! :)


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